Rapid Prototyping

For customers with a prototype that is being developed from concept to product, we provide Rapid prototyping services. With a range of technologies and services, we are a one-stop-facility for rapid prototyping needs.


What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping (3D Printing) involves specialized manufacturing techniques for producing high-quality physical model of a 3D design idea. Prototypes are useful for design improvement, as a step to full production. They are quick and economical, and removes the need for the investment in hard tooling.

Prototype samples are made in plastic, Steel and Aluminum.


Rapid Prototyping – Advantages:

  • Create a full scale model of the concept or idea
  • No investment on tooling
  • Lower lead time to see the sample
  • Showcase the appearance, dimensions and features of the product
  • Test the product for engineering accuracy before production